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With a relaxing view from the hills of Sto. Cristo, overlooking at Mount Balagbag, you’ll easily feel that much needed comfort and solace with everyday living at Lancaster. Everything in here is so homey, from the beautifully landscaped entrance and exit gates to the inner courts and side-ways, the unending array of green lush vegetation would certainly make you feel at home each passing day.

The adaption of English architecture and the twist of old Victorian and Elizabethan interior, with modern twists, provides a sure laid-back life for you and your family. And nothing would be as enchanting as when you are enjoying the refreshing site of a dark green silhouette of that great mountain across your window.

Lancaster has a club house for multiple public and private usages of residents. The place is great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other parties. Exclusive parties and public events can be held here upon giving of prior notice. It was also built to allow the community to have a common ground for socialization and getting-to-know other people within the neighborhood. Children must also enjoy their weekends on safe and clean playgrounds so the same is provided. Children’s playground are important places that must be present in every community because these facilities help nurture children to become responsible adults. When children are able to mingle and interact with other kids, they feel counted and this kind of experience help them develop that sense of responsibility. Thus, on weekends, you can safely leave the kids at the children’s playground, with an adult supervising them, without the usual worries that someone might take or hurt them in your absence. This is a well monitored place, safe from other people’s intrusion. Functional sports facilities are venues for residents to make friends with their immediate neighbors. This equally aide health conscious people to have a place for their favorite sports like basketball.

Lancaster Place provides every resident a healthy and safe environment. Serene and calm as it is, the place is a perfect emotional recharging place for busy people who always dream of a cool getaway place to unwind. Going home each day to a place where Mother Nature is waiting certainly makes one feel at home. Nobody has to wait for weekends to unwind, by simply coming home, you are rested to the greatness of a hilly Lancaster.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse
  • Parks and Playground
  • Sport Facilities
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